A biographical 2D animation following the realisation of a missed opportunity to make a connection with a relative after attending their funeral digitally during the pandemic.

This was my final grad film from the Royal College of Art

After attending the live-streamed funeral for my great aunt Dilly in June 2020, I was left with a different kind of grief. I had discovered the wonderful world of Dilly at this funeral, but seen through the filter of digital technology. Dilly turned out to be an absolute 'hoot'. She was generous and fun. And by being a loving, strong, independent woman she'd become a family icon. Strong even in her hate for salt and vinegar crisps.

I felt that the remoteness of the online funeral directly contrasted with Dilly's warm personality, making it an interesting mismatch to dig into. In effect, the film’s concept and design provides a pandemic-specific lens.

Director - Meg Dupont
Music Composer - Rebecca Nisco from the Royal College of Music
Sound Mix - Alex Hübner at NFTS
Animation Assistants - Ivana Savova, Maria Moran, Charly Korda

Animation, Documentary, Short, Student
Runtime: 5 minutes
Completion Date: August 17, 2021

Film Festivals (Still circulating)
WINNER 'BEST ANIMATION' - Short To The Point Film Festival
GRAND JURY AWARD WINNER - Screen Power Film Festival 
FINALIST - Lisbon film Rendezvous
SELECTED - Paradox International Film Festival, LA Independent Woman Film Awards, CFK International Film Fesivtal, Montreal Independent Film Festival, Sunday Shorts Film Festival
NOMINEE - Long Story Shorts International Film Fest

To see the full film, please email me ?